May 5, 2017

SCS’s Jason Beeding and Charity Work

Hi I'm am Jason the GM of SCS and a lover of Kids and Baseball. I donate countless hours coaching youth baseball all over the country. Through Monarchs baseball club established in 2010, I have helped mentor, develop and train thousands of athletes to be better versions of themselves and still continue to do so. Many of my athletes have gone on to become High School, Collegiate and even professionals in rank as well as productive members of society.

May 7, 2014

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” Henry Ford

Consider these staggering statistics: In March 2009, the Gallup organization found that only 30 percent of employees were engaged at work, 52 percent were not engaged, and 18 percent were so disengaged they regularly work against their organization’s goals. In addition, research conducted by Brand Identity, Inc., shows that “Nearly 80 percent of leaders don’t feel that employees consistently demonstrate drive, energy and a focus on results.” This is also supported by 70 percent who don’t believe that employees are as committed as they should be to the growth of the business and increasing sales. The message is clear—employees are unhappy at work, and companies are paying for it.