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We take our job very seriously and we want to know if you have any complaint or feedback about a staff member, our payment channels or anything to do with SNS, we want to hear it. We strive for no complaints but we know how important feedback is so we welcome your comments.

We also love to hear your stories of how we helped you as well. we help thousands of patients a week to pay their bills and we love hearing how easy we made it for you.

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SCS helped me to resolve my debt and treated me like they cared. I was able to make a repayment plan that worked for the Doctor and my budget with Tamara’s help, she was so caring.

Jenny H.


I had been trying to get a dispute resolved with my insurance company for over a year and John at Synerprise was able to help me get a resolution and get the bill paid.

Billy J.


I thought my insurance had paid this bill, thanks for helping me understand that it was actually my responsibility and helping me to get it paid before it effected my credit. Jillian was so patient with me and helped me better understand my own insurance.

Bethany J.