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Serious illness or even a brief stay in a hospital is going to leave you with a multitude of medical bills even if you have health insurance. If you can’t pay them or if you don’t pay them quickly enough, you will end up in medical debt collections.

The countries broken health system has caused medical providers to have financial problems. And there fore they are looking for resources to help them collect the unpaid bills.

To collect, hospitals, individual doctors and the debt collectors they may hire may use one or more of the following medical debt collection tactics to get you to pay up:

  • Obtain court orders to garnish your wages, assuming wage garnishment is legal in your state.
  • Sue you for the money that they are owed.
  • Put liens on your home.
  • Threaten to ruin your credit by reporting your past due medical debt to one or more of the credit reporting agencies.

Some medical providers may even refuse you future care while you are paying off your debt through an installment plan! Others may have a policy that as long as you owe them money, you must pay up-front for all future medical services.

If you are contacted by SNS or any other provider about your medical debt remember you have certain rights.

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